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Bunbeg Shipwreck

Bunbeg Shipwreck
Posted on: [2006-07-06] Categories: [Away]  [Canon EOS 20D]  [Ireland]  

This shot was taken on the first day of our holiday to Donegal, Ireland. We were based in Derrybeg, a small coastal village in the northwest, and toured the county extensively during our two-week stay. The weather wasn't particularly kind, so after an initial run of colour, expect a quick return to mono!

I had hoped to have the upgrade problems resolved by my host by the time I got back, but it was not to be. They have left me with the daunting prospect of re-coding the pixelpost installation, which is not at all appealing. I hope those experiencing problems will stick with me and I will hopefully find the time to get it sorted out once and for all. No more upgrades for me!!

Also, a word of warning for those of you thinking of stocking up on CF cards before going on your holidays. I bought a "genuine" Sandisc 2GB Ultra II card on ebay, which arrived just before I left. It turned out to be a fake and further research showed that they are commonplace on such sites.

Finally, I have had a quick scan of my favourite blogs today. Some great images, which I will hopefully get time to comment on. I was interested to see Mark's new Wordpress site. It already has some useful info and should develop into a great resource for everyone.

Song of the Day: The Wood Song [Indigo Girls]