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Dunlewey Mural

Dunlewey Mural
Posted on: [2006-07-07] Categories: [Away]  [Ireland]  

This mural is painted on the gable of one of the farm buildings of the Dunlewey Centre in Donegal. It depicts a scene from the evictions which took place in the Gaeltacht and throughout the country during the 1800's.

I have a couple of reasons for posting it. One being that, despite the obvious similarities between Ireland and Scotland, including the landscape and language, it highlights (to me) a fundamental difference.

If you know that this mural is in what is effectively a children's adventure playground, it shows how the Irish embrace their history and traditions, both through their education system and society. Whereas in Scotland, our history and culture has been diluted to such an extent extent that our public representatives would deny that similar events, such as the Highland Clearances, ever happened and that it is acceptable to represent the country abroad in a pin-stripe skirt.

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