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World Pipe Band Championships

World Pipe Band Championships
Posted on: [2006-08-12] Categories: [Canon EOS 20D]  [Glasgow]  [Photojournalism]  

Slight change of plan today, as the weather was good and I got out to take some shots.

The title of this year's theme competition at Queen's Park Camera Club is Photojournalism. Between now and the new year I will attempt to collect images which I hope meet the brief. Hopefully, by the time the competition comes around, I will have a few to choose from. I have added a new category to filter them out and included a couple of my earlier shots to get things off the ground. Your comments and assistance would be greatly appreciated too.

I took this today at the 60th World Pipe Band Championships, which were being held in Glasgow Green. I only wish I had more time there, as it had the makings of a great day.

Song of the Day: I Know What Kind Of Love This Is [Cry Cry Cry]