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Party Hat

Party Hat
Posted on: [2006-09-06] Categories: [Away]  [B&W]  [Canon EOS 20D]  

One thing I rarely do is ask some if I can take their portrait even though I often see people I would like to photograph. Together with the Photojournalism, it is something I should work on. Anyway, this colourful character (at least he was before I processed it out) was more than happy pose.

It's turning into a mono week. Again using the gradient map for the B&W conversion and the colour balance to add the tone. Noise added to mimic grain, square crop and vignette at the edges. I will try and get a Holga at some stage, but for now I'll just fake it.

Update: For those interested, the "original" can be seen here.

Song of the Day: Lost Weekend [Lloyd Cole & The Commotions]