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Josh Ritter #2

Josh Ritter #2
Posted on: [2006-11-29] Categories: [Away]  [B&W]  [Nikon D50]  [Photojournalism]  

If you get the feeling of déjà vu, I posted this yesterday. Unfortunately my host seems to have lost yesterday's comments. With any luck they will retrieve them, but once again I find myself apologising on their behalf. Anyway, yesterday I said...

I went to see Josh Ritter play at the Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh last week with some friends. Sorry Edinburgh, but that has to be one of the worst venues in Scotland. Fortunately Norrie brought his Nikon D50 along and was kind enough to let me use it for the evening.

As it's coming up for Christmas, if you are going to buy one album make it Josh's "Animal Years", which you can listen to here.

I know some friends are going to see Josh play in Stornoway on Friday night, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Song of the Day: A Town Called Malice [The Jam]