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Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre
Posted on: [2007-03-17] Categories: [Canon EOS 20D]  [Glasgow]  

Another shot from our mini meet-up on Thursday night and one of the last shots I managed to take before having resort to the tripod. I always struggle with the tripod on the rare occasion I take it out, hence the lack of night shots on the site. It's another item on my wishlist and something else to try out in the future.

I've make a couple of minor changes to the layout of the site, the main one being the removal of the EXIF info. It's not something I'm particularly interested in myself and, as I hope to do more film based work, now seems the best time to drop it. I have added category filters, so you can still see the camera I've used, which for me is always the most interesting bit.

Song of the Day: Orphan Girl [Gillian Welch]