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Burnbank Bowling Club

Burnbank Bowling Club
Posted on: [2007-03-23] Categories: [B&W]  [Glasgow]  [Minolta DiMAGE 404s]  

Sticking with my mini-project for the next couple of days.

I won a Kodak Brownie Cresta 3 at auction a few days ago and it arrived today. I had taken the day off in anticipation of some sunshine, but it didn't appear until mid-afternoon. When it did, I loaded a spool and took a trip up to the park, where I also managed to finish off a spool that has been in the Holga for way too long. I'll hopefully get these off to the lab over the weekend and we'll see what I get worth posting next week.

Song of the Day: All You Fascists [Billy Bragg & Wilco]