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Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove Park
Posted on: [2007-06-26] Categories: [B&W]  [Glasgow]  [Minolta DiMAGE 404s]  [SP Selection 1]  

Sorry if anyone had trouble accessing the site over the past day or so, I only noticed the problem this morning and was told that someone had hacked into the site, which caused the coding error. I'm amazed that some people have so little to do with their time. Anyway, it's sorted now and hopefully there won't be any further problems while I'm away on holiday. I will try and autopost some images, just to keep you coming back, and will hopefully get lots of new stuff over the two weeks.

My sister does a hospital radio show and tonight she did an interview with James Grant . I went under the guise of a technical assistant and basically made him a cup of tea. Anyway, just so you know what he's been up to lately, follow the link to some great music from Glasgow's best songwriter.

Update: Despite many attempts to process some images for autopost, my computer refuses to play along. So I will leave you with this shot until I get back from my holiday. Hopefully the computer is sorted by then...Aye right.

Song of the Day: Darkcountry [James Grant]