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Broomielaw Cycleway

Broomielaw Cycleway
Posted on: [2007-07-29] Categories: [Canon EOS 20D]  [Glasgow]  

Between work and helping my sister and her fiancé move house, I only managed an hour in the town to get some shots this weekend. For once the weather was set to fair, which I thought would be an opportunity to try out a nice wee 50mm lens I got along with an old Canon EOS 650. I'll try the camera out later, but I was keen to take some portraits and test the DOF of the wide 1.8 setting. I have to say I was quite impressed with the quality compared with the kit zooms I got with the 20D. Reinforces my desire for a decent zoom sometime soon.

Anyway, this shot might seem a bit tightly cropped, but it was as much as I could get in the frame without falling backwards into an uninviting looking River Clyde.

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