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Maxwell Park

Maxwell Park
Posted on: [2007-08-30] Categories: [B&W]  [Canon EOS 20D]  [Glasgow]  [Kodak Brownie Reflex]  [TtV]  

It has been a while since I've had the chance to get out with the camera and get anything new so this is a bit of archive raiding. I have been taking pictures, though not for here, studio stuff for friends and family and I'm pleased with the results.

Exciting news of some new purchases. Two cameras...yes two...but they collectively cost me £1!! The other cost a wee bit more, a 24-70mm zoom lens, which is making its way over from the states as we speak. Been wanting that one for a while, better be worth it!

Song of the Day: Somebody Remembers the Rose [Whiskeytown]