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Salkeld Street

Salkeld Street
Posted on: [2007-12-22] Categories: [Experimental]  [Glasgow]  

I thought I would try something a little different today. The aim of one of the groups we have at the camera club is to try and experiment with different types of photography and/or processing techniques in a bid to challenge the conventional rules of club photography. I'm conscious that, other than the odd TtV shot, I have done little to contribute to the meetings. So I'll try a few things out over the coming months, they may or may not be a success, but hopefully they will be challenging!

So this one originated as a 35mm film shot with the Ilford Sporti 4 127 format camera. I've applied a solid colour overlay to the desaturated image of the power lines around Glasgow's Central Station, with a duplicate layer to give a multiple-exposure look.

Song of the Day: Right Moves [Josh Ritter]