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Skirving Street

Skirving Street
Posted on: [2007-12-27] Categories: [B&W]  [Film]  [Glasgow]  [Nikon Litetouch 140]  

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and that Santa brought lots of things to make pretty pictures with in the coming year. As though I didn't have enough, I got a new digital compact. The old Minolta has done well, but I think it needs put out to pasture, as time has got the better of the battery. The rest might do it the world of good....

I'll stick with the film shots for now. I just got this roll processed, but it has been in the Nikon for a while. Things might appear a bit haphazard jumping between here & France, but there are a couple worth posting.

Song of the Day: Killing The Blues [Robert Plant & Alison Krauss]