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Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens
Posted on: [2008-04-19] Categories: [Film]  [Glasgow]  [Ilford Sporti]  

When I bought this camera at a car boot sale a while back, I was asked if I wanted boxes of slides that the previous owner had taken. I did and I'm so glad that I did, because there were literally hundreds of wonderful images taken in Australia during the 1950's.

I had hoped to set up some galleries of the slides as I scanned them, but for a number of reasons I am unlikely to finish the task I started months ago for some time. I had set up one small gallery of some images, not the best ones just those at the start of one box, to let me try out a flash viewer programme. Anyway, I thought I would share it with you today, since this is the first image I've posted from the camera. I will get round to adding more in the future and I'll let you know when, in the meantime the sample gallery is here.

I'll dedicate this one to my Dad, who turned 70 this week.

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