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Greenbank Gardens

Greenbank Gardens
Posted on: [2008-05-07] Categories: [B&W]  [Film]  [Glasgow]  [Olympus OM-1]  

Still on the shots I took at Greenbank Gardens with my recently acquired Olympus OM-1.

I should make the effort and put a bit about the post-processing, not that what I do is anything ground breaking. I've been reading through a book by Tony Worobiec & Tony Spence titled "Black & White photography in the digital age", which has some excellent techniques on B&W conversion & toning. I've mentioned Tony's excellent work here in the past and have tried his selective colouring techniques. This book covers that and, as his images generally originate from film, goes on to describe how to recreate traditional darkroom processing digitally. Not everyone's cup of tea, but suits me at the moment.

So, for the last image I used a split toning method using a colour balance adjustment layer, with 30% blue to the shadow areas and 30% yellow to the highlights.

For this one I've gone back to my tried and trusted sepia toning, but held back slightly with a 60% opacity on the hue/sat adjustment layer.

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