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La Faute Sur Mer

La Faute Sur Mer
Posted on: [2008-07-15] Categories: [Away]  [B&W]  [Film]  [France]  [Star Case 4-in-1]  

Sorry for the long break in posts. We were away on our summer holiday to France and only got back on Sunday evening. I had great hopes of hundreds of pictures, but probably have only a handful that I would want to post, so we'll see how it goes. I did take a couple on untried film cameras with me, which both turned out to be on the way out. I should have tested them more thoroughly before I left, but you know how it is. This one was taken with a rather cheap action sampler. Not the expensive Lomo version you understand, but a rather cheap copy.

The holiday did have a few landmark events. My youngest daughter managed to swim without any help from me and her older sister celebrated her birthday and did her first handstand. I had to show her how it was done, fortunately there is no record of that.

Song of the Day: Sleeper [Eliza Gilkyson]