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Paddy's Market

Paddy's Market
Posted on: [2008-09-18] Categories: [B&W]  [Canon EOS 300]  [Film]  [Glasgow]  [Ilford Delta 400]  

Another shot from my walkabout last Saturday while attending a B&W weekend course at the Street Level Photoworks in the City Centre. They run these courses more frequently now and for anyone interested the details are here
Those local to the Glasgow will know that Paddy's Market, which has been a fixture in the City for almost 200 years at various locations and at its current site for 35 years, is set to close. Some vendors have started a campaign to save the market, although due to the seedier element that is very much in evidence this is likely to be in vain.
Taken on Ilford Delta 400 developed in Kodak TMax 1:4

Song of the Day: Highway Patrolman [Dar Williams]