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Betty Mullen's, Paddy's Market

Betty Mullen's, Paddy's Market
Posted on: [2008-12-08] Categories: [B&W]  [Canon EOS 300]  [Film]  [Glasgow]  [Ilford Delta 400]  

I have an ongoing project for one of the groups at the Camera Club this season to record parts of the city which are disappearing for one reason or another, be it for the extension to our motorway or for the city's Commonwealth Games infrastructure.

The area I am recording is Paddy's Market, which has featured in a couple of my posts in recent months. The market has been a feature of the City for over 200 years and at its current site for over thirty. However, in a bid to clean up the area, the Council have taken over the lease of the railway arches which house the market and aim to revamp the block with artists studios and art based market stalls. This all means that traders will be moved on to other sites or stop trading completely.

I'm not looking to romanticise the market in any way, as there are some unsavoury goings on which have become associated with it. However the legitimate traders feel as though little is being done to address their plight and they are the main focus of the project.

We are due to present the final project in April of next year, so this may be something I re-visit in the coming months.

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