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Cirque Fratellini

Cirque Fratellini
Posted on: [2009-02-08] Categories: [Away]  [B&W]  [Canon Powershot G9]  [France]  

Early February and we've booked the summer holiday already! This got me thinking of some images I took at our regular destination last year but never got round to posting. The Cirque Fratellini weren't keen on cameras, so had to pump up the ISO to keep this one under the radar!

It has been a while but I have now added a new gallery of some images I got at a car boot sale with an Ilford Sporti camera. They were taken by the same photographer in Australia in the 1950's and can be found here. I hope you enjoy them and I will try and add more in the future.

Song of the Day: The Tracks Of My Tears [Smokey Robinson and The Miracles]