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Greenbank Gardens, April 2009

Greenbank Gardens, April 2009
Posted on: [2009-04-15] Categories: [B&W]  [Film]  [Glasgow]  [Olympus 35 SP]  

Another image taken during yesterday's trip to the beautiful Greenbank Gardens using a lovely wee Olympus 35SP Rangefinder I picked-up a couple of months back. I have been taking advantage of the large 1.7 aperture to try some indoor shots, but don't have the knack of focusing at such a shallow DoF yet. Much easier in conditions like this!!

I have been trying out a couple of digital toning effects for a wee change. This one is an attempt at a Selenium tone, although not having seen a darkroom version, it could be way off the mark!

Song of the Day: Ae Fond Kiss [Eddi Reader]