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Parking Space, Millbrae Crescent, January 2010

Parking Space, Millbrae Crescent, January 2010
Posted on: [2010-01-03] Categories: [B&W]  [Canon EOS 20D]  [Glasgow]  [Glasgow: 1955+55]  

My first photo of 2010 shows the streets much as they have been for the past couple of weeks, as temperatures stay below zero throughout the day. This was taken shortly after a light fall of snow, fortunately the City is still mostly on holiday, otherwise it would have ground to a halt!

For anyone in the Glasgow area early in the New Year, I will be contributing to a group exhibition in the Mussel Inn Gallery on Hope Street. The exhibition runs from the 7th January until early February and will feature around 30 prints from 10 photographers from the south side of Glasgow.

Song of the Day: Lonelier Than This [Steve Earle]