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Cathcart Cemetery, February 2010

Cathcart Cemetery, February 2010
Posted on: [2010-02-28] Categories: [B&W]  [Film]  [Glasgow]  [Microcord TLR]  

I managed to get my hands on a lovely Microcord TLR a while ago, but didn't get the opportunity to use it until a couple of weeks ago. The camera is in perfect working order having been well used and maintained since the 1950s. I put a roll of film through it, not knowing what I would get, and was really pleased with the results.

I have been a fan on Neal Casal's music for many years, but I have only recently discovered his photography through the publicity for the release of a photo book he did during his time with the band The Cardinals. For those with an interest, you can see his images here.

Song of the Day: St. Cloud [Neal Casal]