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Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, May 2010

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, May 2010
Posted on: [2010-05-20] Categories: [Away]  [B&W]  [Canon Powershot G9]  [France]  

Preparations for this weekend's exhibitions are taking a bit longer than anticipated, so apologies for the break in posting. The site was also hit by spam over the week, which really p****s me off. It's under control at the moment, but I may end up ditching the comment facility. Not what I had intended, as I do really appreciate the effort, but spending hours deleting trash isn't much fun.

For anyone in the Glasgow area on the 22nd & 23rd May, I am organising a couple of photography events as part of the Art In The Park Festival. On both days the Camera Club rooms on Millbrae Road will be open to the public and a selection of prints from our Annual Exhibition will be on display, together with prints from the Club's archive. At 1pm & 3pm on both days there will be a show of stereoscopic images taken by our resident 3-D expert Denis Alyshev. On the 23rd May, I have also organised an exhibition of 40 prints on the railings around the Queen's Park Glasshouse of which I have contributed 6. I will also be selling prints in the Glasshouse over the weekend as part of Art In The Park "Print for a Pony". So if you like what you see here, you can buyone for your wall!!

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